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What is HYIP ?
What is HYIP ?

HYIP it is an abbreviation from High Yield Investment Program, they accumulate a capital from contributions of conventional Internet users. For use investors deposit, HYIPs are paid an interest from deposit, based on the investment plans. Feature of HYIP is that, interest is accrued on a daily basis (sometimes hourly, weekly or monthly). Percentage of interest can range from 0.5% to 10% daily! But, the best and safest option is 1-3% per day, it is 30-90% per month (more than annual interest in bank). Usually minimum contribution in HYIPs is between 1 and 20 dollars.

Is it safe ?

You should only invest money that you can live without. Never deposit all your funds. There is a big chance that you can lost them all. You should invest only insured or having a good opinion HYIP programs.
1. Never invest all your money in one small program, no matter how good it looks.
2. Never invest more than you can lose.
3. Avoid investing in programs that you learn with SPAM
4. The bigger % the greater the risk

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