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Fresh Spring - 3% daily - fresh-spring.net
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Fresh Spring

Investment plans: 1 investment plan - 3% per day forever
Minimal deposit : $ 50
Acceptable Payment Systems: Perfect Monet, Payeer, AdvCash, BitCoin
Payouts (manual / aut.): Automatic

Own comment and detailed description of the program:
Clean environment is very important to everyone. The founders of Fresh Spring think so, so they invest in the production of clean water. This is a huge market! So many legends.

Time for content:

1. The program was created 23 days ago
2. Clear page, simple (undoubted plus for simplicity), written in HTML5
3. A good feature appears at donations. The transfer that came out on our wallet and is supposed to knock on a deposit is seen by a site that informs us that the transfer is seen but is waiting for confirmation. Shown on the screen, downstairs
4. Expected Polish language
5. Has a Certificate of Incorporation of a Private Limited Company
6. Headquarters address - London, 50 Berners St

Affiliation System: 3 levels, so reasonable. 4%, 2% and 1%

[Image: 728b.gif]


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