Apr 10

ProMatrixPlus Review


ProMatrixPlus is 2×2 cycler program with a follow me and company wide forced fill matrix.  The owner is a Canadian, from Toronto, Michel Lavoie, he is listed in the whois information and on the site as Admin.  Nice to see the transparency!  The products at Promatrixplus are excellent and more than worth the one time joining membership fee of 25.00 plus 2.50 fee.


There are three main products at Promatrixplus that are geared to assisting members to become successful with social networking/advertising  on Facebook and other social sites.

There are banner credits, text credit and login  ads as part of the advertising package.

A social media exchange system called PublicSnaps, that will help me increase my followers – Faster. In Diggs, Facebook likes, Google plus, Linkedin shares, Twitter retweets, StumbleUpon follows, Twitter followers, YouTube Views and website traffic!  Join for Free!

A six part video series on “How To Build Leads from Facebook” ($99 Value), another excellent marketing tool.

There is also the newest product, “The Internet Marketing Video Tutorial Madness”, which has over 250 easy to understand and watch video tutorials. Exploding your online business with step by step instructions.

The Compensation Plan

As I mentioned above, at Promatrixplus, the compensation plan includes a two-phase 2×2 matrix plan with 4 levels in phase one and 8 levels in phase two. This is both a follow your sponsor and company force filled model.

Phase 1

Level 1 ~ $25 = $100 income. Pays $25 cash in ewallet, $25 re-entry and $50 upgrade to Level 2

*Please note: In level 1 you get your money back. This is the start of your journey to a US$1Million payout with only profit to risk. Program and owners are low risk, due to the excellent value of the products at Promatrixplus.

Level  2 ~ $50 = $200 income. Pays $60 cash in ewallet, $50 re-entry and $90 upgrade to level 3

Level  3 ~ $90 = $360 income. Pays $100 cash in ewallet, $90 re-entry and $170 upgrade to Level 4.

Level  4 ~ $170 = $680 Income Pays $360 cash in ewallet, $170 re-entry, $150 for entry to Phase ll.

Phase 2 – Combination Team build and Follow me

Level 1 ~ $150 (minus $25 admin fee) = $500 income pays your way to Level 2 upgrade.

Level 2 ~ $500 x 4= $ 2,000 income. Pays $500 cash to ewallet, plus $1,500 upgrade to Level 3

Level 3 ~ $1500 x 4= $6000 income. Pays $1,000 cash to ewallet, plus $5,000 upgrade to Level 4

Level 4 ~ $5000 x 4 =$20,000 income. Pays $10,000 cash to ewallet, plus $10,000 upgrade to level 5

Level 5 ~ $10,000 = $40,000 income. Pays $15,000 cash to ewallet plus $25,000 upgrade to level 6

Level 6 ~ $25,000 = $100,000 income. Pays $25,000 cash to ewallet plus $75,000 upgrade to Level 7

Level 7 ~ $75,000 = $300,000 pays $50,000 cash to ewallet plus $250,000 upgrade to level 8

Level 8 ~ $250,000 = $ 1 million income. Less $150 to re-enter level 1 to start all over again.

***Please note. No restriction on how many positions you can buy. Everyone starts from Level 1 $150.

Pay Processors

Pay processors used  by are Payza, Liberty Reserve, Solid Trust Pay (use STP for credit card purchase of your one time PromatixPlus upgrade of 25.00 (plus admin fee $2.50). Withdrawals are within 24 – 72 hours to the processor of your choice.

What I like about Promatrixplus.

You only have 12 – six people matrixes, to get to Phase II, Level 8… and ONE Million Dollars.

Everyone enters Promatrixplus at Phase I, Level I. Re-entries at each level, which are paid by the previous level cycle and is done automatically by the system.

Daily withdrawals to the pay processor of your choice.

Global acceptance, anyone over the age of 18 is welcome.

No referring required, but as it is also a follow me matrix, everyone should get two referrals, filling your matrix much faster. Spillover does occur helping to fill everyone’s matrix.

You can PIF (Pay It Forward) to as many individuals as you would like, there is a list in the financial tab that has a list of free members you can PIF in.

You can also purchase as many Phase I, Level I positions  for yourself under your first purchased position as you want. All Other Levels In Phase I & II are force filled.

And last but not least…. ONE MILLION DOLLARS!

Note **I have joined other programs from Mike Lavoie, and although I did not make what I had hoped, I did find him honest about the reason for the need to close the program(s). Lack of membership can close any business. I like the products and the matrix model, and with good membership, I think this will bring about cycling, but even without the matrix, the products are worth the price of admission.
1 million dollars